As the music industry continues to evolve, many artists find themselves lacking a strategy to confront the growing divide between the local and the global. With only so many hours in a week, it can be hard for artists to shore up their local presence, while also making the moves required to generate buzz on a global scale. DRUNKLUCK helps artists bridge this divide by providing a wealth of customized label services in the areas of BookingStrategy, Marketing and Distribution. Our goal is to help artists overcome the typical pain points of the music industry by helping them establish a professional foundation on which to build. Although different for each band, this foundation is a blend of administrative attention to detail, network activation and creative direction.

Unlike a traditional record label, we offer any and all services piecemeal. This ensures that each artist pays only for the services that they desire and do not get saddled with unanticipated debts. DRUNKLUCK's team operates in both consulting and project management capacities, depending on the client needs. For more information on how DRUNKLUCK can help artists achieve their goals - no matter how big or small - please reach out to us at and let us help you get your career off the ground.

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  • ARTIST BRANDING -  At DRUNKLUCK, we recognize the burgeoning importance of branding in the 21st century. We place a large emphasis on the cultivation of identity - taking a holistic perspective to artist branding. The DRUNKLUCK team can provide creative direction, visual brand creation and social media management services to meet client needs. Contact us today to learn how DRUNKLUCK can help take your project to the next level!
  • CONTENT RELEASE STRATEGY - DRUNKLUCK works with bands and artists to develop and/or execute multifaceted release strategies for content. Our Content Release Strategy service is customized to each release and incorporates countless industry insights, artistic guidelines and administrative attention-to-detail. For single releases and videos, we recommend a 4-6 week lead time once the content has been mastered and any supporting visuals have been finished. For EP and albums, we recommend a 12-14 week lead time. Contact us today to learn how DRUNKLUCK can help ensure your releases make a splash!


  • FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING -  At DRUNKLUCK, we recognize that the music industry operates on thin profit margins. As such, we offer Financial Accounting consulting services to ensure that each artist is maximizing their deductions and operating their business in a professional way that is sustainable for the long term. These services cover areas such as incorporation as a partnership or LLC, registering an EIN with the IRS, itemizing deductions and/or preparing tax forms, and setting budgets and savings goals. Ready to get serious about your music career, send us a message!
  • BUSINESS SERVICES -  At DRUNKLUCK, we advocate that the each band and artist is an independent business. As such, we provide a wealth of administrative services ranging from web site creation, to SEO, to incorporation as a partnership or LLC, trademarking brands and names, copywriting, establishing a repository of contracts, and just about any administrative task imaginable. Let us know what we can do for you! 

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  • MEDIA OUTREACH - DRUNKLUCK understands the unique  value of press in promoting events or new content. DRUNKLUCK helps artists reach the right audiences in the blogosphere and begin to build a solid portfolio of press. DRUNKLUCK positions itself as a conduit between major and regional entertainment markets. We pride ourself on our energetic network of music operators in 300 cities around the world, including some 90+ in the United States of America. DRUNKLUCK provides numerous services in the realm of event production and works with a vast network of influencers and industry participants to pair the right talent with the right venues and events.
  • CONTENT PREMIERS - As part of our Content Release Plans, DRUNKLUCK helps artists secure exclusive premieres of their content, whether it be a single, video, EP or Album. 


  • ARTIST MANAGEMENT - Our Artist Management service allows artists to focus on their craft while their career is elevated on a professional level. An Artist Manager performs countless tasks and duties that are both time-consuming and largely tangential to the music, including the following collection of services: local and tour booking services; logistics & contracts services; press strategy and outreach; content release strategy; digital distribution; and brand strategy.
  • PREMIUM MANAGEMENT  - In addition to the services delivered as part  of the Basic Management package, Premium Management includes some of the following services: song composition/arrangement; branding strategy; digital distribution; logistics and scheduling; financial accounting; legal and contract filing; network activation and a 24/7 call line.

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