Kasita "Artist in the Cube" @ SXSW 2018


During SXSW 2018, DRUNKLUCK produced the intimate "Artist in the Cube" activation at the Kasita modular home prototype in East Austin. The four 10:30am showcases featured local Austin musicians Otis Wilkins, Olivia Quillio, Pierson Saxon and Danny Golden. The artists serenaded passerby's on E 4th Street with melodies that floated through the air and drew a diverse crowd of neighbors, including walkers, bikers, pedicabbers and horse riders.

By positing the Kasita prototype as a neighborhood space, the "Artist in the Cube" series succesfully highlighted the Kasita's small-house prototype and displayed how this new housing paradigm - centered around higher density and smaller ecological footprint - can foster an immediate sense of community.